We also provide rental services, with discounted rates to all couples who purchase any of our wedding planning packages. Items listed for rent are also available for purchase, contact us for a full quote today! If there is an item that you are not looking for that is not shown below, feel free to email us the item that you are looking for so that we can assist you in sourcing it!

Lots of new items will be posted so check back often!

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Small & Large Hexagon Bird Cage (Ivory)

Small bird cage rental price: $20
Small bird cage purchase price: $40
Small bird cage dimensions: 20cm x 20 x 39

Large bird cage rental price: $30
Large bird cage purchase price: $60
Large bird cage dimensions: 20cm x 20 x 4


Square Bird Cage (White)

Rental Price: $20
Purchase Price: $45


European Lantern

Rental Price: $5
Purchase Price: $20

Dimension: 13cm x 23cm


Hanging Geometric Shapes

Rental Price: $20/set of 3
Purchase Price: $65/set of 3

*not sold individually


Hanging Heart-Shaped Geometric Shape

Rental Price: $5
Purchase Price: $20


Pineapple Taper Candle Holder

Rental Price: $8
Purchase Price: $30


Hanging Plastic Bulbs

Rental Price: $1.50/each
Purchase Price: $3/each

Dimensions: 10.5cm x 9


Silk Flower Wall

Pricing varies by size, please email for quote.
Size of flower wall can be customized to fit your needs.